Do something with us

There are multiple things which you and your organization can do.

Among those, we would really appreciate if you’d consider:

  • research; taking active part in the research (legal, technical/technological, philosophical, anthropological, social, political, psychological, design and urban design areas are the ones in which additional help is needed at the moment), through your own projects, or by doing something together;

  • projects; we actively add Ubiquitous Commons approaches to relevant projects, adding value to them, providing the possibility to engage wide communities across the world, and expanding the meaningfulness and social significance (and impacts) to projects of multiple types; if you’re interested in doing a relevant project with Ubiquitous Commons or with one of its partners, you are more than welcome to do so;

  • network; we are expanding the network; if you want to engage, participate, or know someone who would/could be interested in doing so, we would be more than happy to talk with you;

  • promote; if you believe the thing we are doing is positive, and that it may bring positive outcomes for human beings, societies, rights and freedoms, please do make it public; we would appreciate it, and could also offer you some support in organizing events, initiatives, happenings or else.