Ubiquitous Commons at Independent Food, at MAXXI

Indipendent Food: Ubiquitous Commons and rural innovation, again

A few days ago Ubiquitous Commons was invited at the MAXXI Museum in Rome for the Independent Food exhibit, curated by Giulia Ferracci and showcasing some of the principal independent operators dealing with innovation, creativity and critical approaches on rurality and nutrition.

Among them, was the Pollinaria project, a long-term residency and the work that the Futurefarmers are doing in it, mapping, preserving, archiving and exchanging ancient seeds.

Ancient seeds are a very interesting topic. Seeds are, to all effect, are a media: information, under the form of material form of the genetic information contained in seeds, is exchanged just like mp3 files for music, creating relationships, economies, knowledge.

Currently, seeds are going through a peculiar process, with practices that have been going on for thousands of years becoming subject to demanding legal, administrative and bureaucratic which have enormous impacts on the possibility for developing small businesses, and on the preservation of biodiversities, with a few major industrial operators being able to steer entire sectors of economy and culture through policies on intellectual property, on seed registries and other administrative obligations.

Seeds become information, protected by patents, licenses, intellectual property and more.

It is an enormous issue, determining not only the direction of entire economies and social ritualities, but also the possibility for the diffused presence of biodiversity (if a seed is not registered, it can turn out to be illegal), empowering a few industrial operators and inhibiting diffused economies and practices.

Within this important discussion we were called by Radio Instabile / Radio Papesse for a radio panel together with Guido Smorto and Tiziano Bonini for a discussion on the ways in which Ubiquitous Commons could play an important role in smart rurality.

For this, we referred to the many explorations on the theme which are becoming an important part of the project, for example with RuralHub, starting with the IperConnessioni Rurali workshop.

Data in rural area is produced in massive quantities and qualities and, if it becomes the focus of a high quality relational environment among all of the stakeholders, its transformation into a commons may lay down the possibility for enormous opportunities: for the development of multiple types of shared, inclusive economies; for the growth and improvement of social and relational capital; for biodiversity and well-being; and from a variety of additional points of view.

You can listen to the podcast for the rado show (in Italian), here: http://radiopapesse.org/w2d3/v3/view/radiopapesse/notizie–341/pop_ascolta.html?id=341&titolo=RADIOINSTABILE_4-SEED_AS_SOCIAL_MEDIA-BONINI-SMORTO-IACONESI-PERSICO.mp3

and you can read additional information here: http://radiopapesse.org/w2d3/v3/view/radiopapesse/notizie–341/index.html?area=7