Ubiquitous Commons on Shareable: a p2p revolution in rural Italy?

An article appeared today on Shareable: “Ubiquitous Commons Imagines a P2P Revolution in Italy

The article describes what happened during and after the Iperconnessioni Rurali workshop held at RuralHub, together with Nefula.

The outcomes of the process are contained in this PDF:


From the document:

“The objective of this publication is to describe in synthesis a transition scenario in which appropriate technologies are used to enact commons-based, peerto-peer organisational and operational models which are usable at local and trans-local levels, to the mutual benefit of communities and of networks of human beings and organisations.”

Ubiquitous Commons: the results of IperConnessioni Rurali: the p2p revolution for rural areas

Read more on Shareable: http://www.shareable.net/blog/ubiquitous-commons-imagines-a-p2p-revolution-in-rural-italy

Read about the Iperconnessioni Rurali workshop with RuralHub and Nefula, who created the Near Future Design scenarios.

Read the outcome report of IperConnessioni Rurali

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